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TET's Books

All my books are available from, the internet's most trusted independent publishing site. Click the links below to view previews of the internal pages of each book.


TET journals the places he and sister, Lesley (otherwise known as The Blonde Rose), visited on a 2007 road trip across the southern end of Australia from Broken Hill to Perth and many places in between.

This collection of entries taken from TET's online blog, retells daily experiences as TET and Rose become obsessed with finding a statue, discovering art and retracing their steps from Whyalla to Perth (a journey their family first made in 1978).

If you have never stood on the southern edge of Australia, enjoyed the art of Broken Hill, toured the Clare Valley or driven the longest straight road in Australia then this book is a great travel guide for your own adventure. If you have done all that then relive your adventure through TET's casual and often opinionated writing style.

This book is for arm chair travelers as well as those who like to live the adventure.
Also available for download as a digital ebook.

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The Peaceful Seat 
By J. L. Rhodes

This collection of creative writing and written memories authored by my mother, J. L. Rhodes, features her published works.

From vivid poetry to snapshots of life in post World War II England and first impressions of Australia in the late sixties, along with the occasional life observation, there’s sure to be something to catch the interest of anyone with a love of writing.

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TET's Art Business Advice Blog Book

A collection of TET's blog posts detailing his experience and advice for artists wanting to earn a living selling their art online. Topics include; Pricing your art, Finding a market for your art, promotion, ways to earn money, selling on Ebay, Artist practice and much more. The section on Ebay should be particularly eye opening for any artist contemplating that particular market.

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Bukirk Glamping - Camping in Style, Clare Valley, South Australia

Glamping is for those who want to experience the outdoor lifestyle of camping without foregoing the luxuries of basic motel accommodation.

Bukirk (pronounced 'Buh -kirk') Glamping, located on a rural property, in the Clare Valley, just outside of Clare, South Australia, is by far one of the best accommodation experiences my partner and I have enjoyed to date. Although Bukirk's Facebook page says you could bring a family (I guess additional bedding can be arranged?), everything is more clearly targeted at couples, looking for a romantic getaway where the accommodation is a memorable part of the experience, and not just somewhere to stay.

BEILEXING Autocycle Style ABS Cartoon Building Brick - 378pcs - COLORMIX - Motorcycle kit Product Review

The first time I saw the Beilexing Brick Motorcycle Kit I thought it was nothing short of stunning. I'm not even a fan of motorcycles in general but the detail of this set and how much it captured the spirit of a real world motorcycle really impressed me.

Then I saw the set cost considerably less than a similar sized kit from the Lego Technic range I just couldn't pass it up.

When the kit arrived it did not disappoint. Made from ABS plastic the bricks are fully compatible with, and are of comparable quality to, official Lego bricks. I did notice that the tires and chain links seemed a little less sturdy than their Lego equivalents but beyond that you'd be hard pressed to say the quality of the parts wasn't almost as good.

The model is 35.00 x 10.00 x 6.00 cm / 13.78 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches in size and should be no trouble for intermediate to advanced builders to construct with a clear, and easy to follow instruction manual.

A sheet of decals is included for you to stick …

Virtual Reality Addiction Meets Online Shopping and Death!

I'm certainly not the first person to predict the idea of immersive virtual worlds. Movies like Tron (1982) and The Lawnmower Man (1992) are two of the earliest popular culture references to the concept I can think of, off the top of my head. Then of course there is The Matrix (1999) where the VR world idea really hit the mainstream big time.

However, back in early 2005, the practice of online shopping, with real money, for digital products in virtual worlds like Second Life (which was more cutting edge back then) began to meld in my mind with the idea of corporations controlling that experience through marketing and advertising.

The Awkward Amy Schumer Interview That Wasn't Her Fault

Last week comedian Amy Schumer participated in a very awkward interview with Mamamia, Columnist/Journalist/Senior Editor (sorry I'm not sure which job description is most appropriate) Monique Bowley. The interview went so badly that Monique simply had to just own it and write about just how badly it went, and podcast about it as well. Even better the whole interview was captured on video which you can watch below as a precursor to my thoughts on the aftermath.

Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War (2018) *Spoiler Free*

Ten years in the making and Marvel finally releases part one of the Avengers versus Thanos, A.K.A. Avengers: Infinity War.

After seeing all 18 films in the MCU prior to this, and liking most of them, I was pretty confident this movie would not disappoint.

Other than a few minor issues - that are all my personal taste and in no way reflect on the quality of the film - it really delivers. Thanos is indeed the big, bad villain of the MCU that we've been antcipating.